Condition Monitoring in the Australian Mining Industry

Recently, the Australian mining sector has seen reduced demand for commodities. With the reduction in demand from end users such as China, this has then led to a reduction in industry profit. So now, miners are looking to do more with less.

Given the reduction in profits and capital, optimizing plant performance and enhancing productivity can be acheived by curtailing downtime. Reducing downtime also helps to diminish operational costs. The above is expected to be the key element for the growth of the Australian condition monitoring market for the mining sector.

“Analysis from Frost & Sullivan on the Australian Condition Monitoring Market for the Mining Sector, estimates that the market revenues for 2012 were just over $55 million and this is expected to reach close to $120 million by 2017. Vibration monitoring remains the largest segment of the market (accounting for over 70 percent of the total market), with a higher number of portable units sold over permanent/online systems. This is followed by the thermography segment and finally the oil analysis segment. Distributors are the main channel to market.”

Condition monitoring, being a fairly newly recognised technology, means mining companies are not fully aware of the cost benefits and wrongly consider it a capital-intensive product, as opposed to correctly realising it is a tool that cuts operational expenditure. Participants such as GVS reliability products, have to aggressively promote their product advantages and offers to make headway in the end-user sector.

Our job here at GVS is to help mining companies be made aware that; frequent & expensive machine malfunctions and repairs can be circumvented by employing predictive maintenance using various forms of condition monitoring. Condition monitoring is one of the key factors in any successfully running plant or asset.

GVS is well aware that the Australian condition monitoring equipment sales market is highly competitive and is determined by issues such as price and the delivery of high quality service and support.
GVS prides itself fully on the awareness that we need to provide post-sales support. This is a crucial key when anyone decides who should be awarded a supply contract.

For more information on how Condition Monitoring can save you time and money, please feel free to contact our sales team today.

GVS Reliability products can help you “Do More With Less”

*reference article written by Ivan Fernandez

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