2017 Mainstream Wrap

GVS Reliability Products was proud to support the 2017 Mainstream West and Mainstream East Conferences held during March this year. The Eventful group did a terrific job of running a program that highlighted the critical role Reliability teams play in organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Manning the GVS Reliability Products stand were both Dr. Jeff Hay (CEO and Founder of RDI Technologies) and Chris Hansford (MD and founder of Hansford Sensors). Chris and Jeff were able to interact with professionals from the local Australian market. In addition to adding value to the conference with their years of industry experience, both Jeff and Chris also received invaluable feedback from those in attendance. This will only help improve any future product development for people operating in the harsh Australian environment.

Jeff delivered an ‘IRIS M Motion Amplification technology’ presentation at both the East and West Mainstream events. The paper was very well received and acclaimed by the Mainstream audiences. It was great to get a wide range of questions and feedback from the Mainstream community on how the technology will be applied to their individual reliability and asset health programs. Several feature requests from attendees are being worked on by Jeff and the RDI team as you read this blog post!

GVS Reliability Products would like to personally thank the, conference participants, the Mainstream committee and the support of the other vendors for making such a wonderful conference a reality.

If you would like to learn more about GVS Reliability Products or anything written above, please contact us via this link.

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