Portable Vibration Shaker & Calibrator Systems

Portable Vibration Shaker & Calibrator Systems

Agate Technology specialises in portable vibration technology for the calibration of a variety of sensors and accelerometers including charge, IEPE, proximity probes, Piezo-resistive, and 4-20mA.

portable calibration shaker

The AT-2030 portable calibration shaker table is designed for simple accelerometer and vibration transducer calibration without the need for advanced features.

AT-2030 shaker table and vibration calibrator is a variable frequency, variable amplitude, battery operated portable shaker capable of calibrating accelerometers, transducers, and proximity probes. Applications are producing a known vibration signal in g’s, mils, or ips for sensor, wiring, instrumentation, and system checkout in vibration condition monitoring applications.

This portable shaker table features A2LA accredited calibration to the international standard ISO/IEC17025:2017 with a frequency range of 5 Hz – 10k Hz.

Portable Vibration Calibrator

Portable Vibration Calibrator, self-contained loop-controlled vibration system with the ability to read accelerometer sensitivity readings for IEPE and Charge mode sensors. AT2040 also features a built-in signal simulator output and built-in supplies for sensors that require power.

AT2040 portable vibration calibrator device comes with three main modes of operation.

Shake – This is useful for performing end-to-end checks or other vibration testing where accelerometer sensitivity is not needed.

Test – This displays the accelerometer or proximity probe sensitivity reading and create a PDF certificate.

Simulate – Simulator mode is similar to “shake” mode, but a function generator is used instead of the electrodynamic shaker. The advantages of using simulator mode to perform vibration checks are numerous. The simulator is more accurate and performs over a wider range because it is not bound to the mechanical limitations of the electrodynamic shaker

portable vibration calibrator and shaker

AT-2050 was designed as a next generation portable vibration calibrator and shaker table. It is capable of providing precision calibration of a wide variety of vibration and motion sensors without the external power or meter requirements that are commonly found on other models.

The accelerometer test system supports direct input for velocity pickups, transmitters, IEPE accelerometers, piezoelectric accelerometers, both single-ended charge accelerometers and differential output charge accelerometers, piezo resistive (PR) accelerometers, and variable capacitance (VC) accelerometers. This vibration shaker table is the only calibrator capable of providing sensitivity readings directly to the user without external equipment or external charge signal converter.