The Hub


The Hub delivers more port versatility than anything else on the market. Having four lateral ports allows you to install oil level sight glasses, BS&W Bowls, sample valves, drain valves, filter cart, etc. all at the same time. And with a high flow sample port, the Hub can tackle any sampling needs you have.


Recommended Temperature Range: Range is -13°F to +400°F.

Recommended PSI: 500 psi working and 125 psi for sampling.

Body Material: Heavy-duty powder-coated cast aluminium and zinc plated steel.

Pilot Tube: 1/4″ Stainless steel, 12″ long.

Sample Port: High flow, easy access with shielded design.

Easy Install: Hub Body is easily attached with supplied bolts and can be adjusted every 45-degrees to achieve optimal orientation.

Lateral Ports: (2) 1″ NPT and (2) 3/4″ NPT, Includes (4) low profile plugs for sealing lateral ports when not in use and installation hex key is included.

Description Part Number

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0.75" NTPHUB.075NTP3.5"2.9"3.5"0.75"
1" NTPHUB.100NTP3.5"2.9"3.5"1.0"
1.5" NTPHUB.150NTP3.5"2.9"3.5"1.5"
1.25" NTPHUB.125NTP3.5"2.9"3.5"1.25"
0.75" BSPPHUB.075BSPP3.5"2.9"3.5"0.75"
1" BSPPHUB.100BSPP3.5"2.9"3.5"1.0"