CMP Sight Glass Conversion Kit

Protect Your Vital Equipment

Knowing that most 3-D sight glasses are vulnerable to external impacts, our engineers upgraded the CMP’s sight glass material to super-tough Tritan™ copolyester, one of the most impact-resistant materials available. They also included structural reinforcements and Viton O-Rings on all openings to ensure a consistently tight seal. Combined, these upgrades position the CMP as the most capable, comprehensive solution to protecting and maintaining your most important assets.

What’s Included?

  • Steel Corrosion Indicator
  • Magnetic Plug
  • O-ring Lubricant
  • Tritan™ Sight Glass with O-ring
  • Installation Instructions

Magnetic Drain Valve

Spiral Lock Open

Push and rotate to open the valve and facilitate quick purges of sediment. When fully rotated, the valve locks in the open position, which is useful for draining the entire reservoir. Rotate the opposite direction to close. Heavy duty spring offers resistance and protects the valve from accidentally opening.

The drain port has been fitted with a rare earth magnet to capture ferrous wear particles. The magnet is raised ½” from drain valve surface to prevent bottom sediment and sludge from covering the magnetic surface.


  • Threads: ¼” NPT
  • Overall Length: 1.9″
  • Material: Brass

Magnetic Plug 3-Pack

Each Condition Monitoring Pod includes one Magnetic Plug. Additional plugs are available in packs of 3.

Copper Corrosion Indicator 3-Pack

Each Condition Monitoring Pod comes with a standard Steel Corrosion Indicator, but if your machine has internal surfaces made with bronze or brass, these Copper Corrosion Indicators will help assess the condition of those parts.