GV-700 Vibe Port Wireless Vibration & Temperature Transmitter

GV-700 Vibe Port Wireless Vibration & Temperature Transmitter OVERVIEW: This paper is an application review of the GV-700 Vibe Port Wireless vibration & temperature transmitter (refer GV700 VIBE PORT FLYER for the unit’s technical specifications, available on request from GVS) APPLICATION:  Wireless GV-700 Vibe Port was fitted to a shuttle pulley in a screen house, […]

Vibration monitoring; Spend a little, save a lot

The phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” has been in use for generations. It may well suit some applications such as your home TV or your recreational surfboard but, in reference to modern machines and their maintenance, it is an antiquated expression. Miners, Manufacturers and companies large and small are functioning in as […]

Lead from the Front with Vibration Monitoring

Lead from the front with effective Vibration Monitoring Earlier this year, figures researched by Marsh, an international insurance company, revealed that the financial loss from accidents for the 100 largest global hydrocarbon industry players was in excess of $37 billion (AUD). When the figures were published, Process Engineering asked “Could these losses, both financial and human, […]

Wireless Vibration Monitoring has Arrived

The staff and customers of GVS Reliability Products were very excited to hear of and see, the long awaited GV-700 Vibe-Port being delivered to our warehouse in Newcastle. The GV-700 Vibe-Port is a unique wireless vibration monitoring system employing state of the art technology to deliver raw AC spectrum from one point to another, wirelessly […]

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