A Case Study: Motion Amplification® Analysis of a Drum Drive Gearbox

A manufacturing plant located in WA recently encountered a significant issue related to a critical drum drive gearbox. The Asset Management and Reliability Team noticed excessive vibrations and sought to identify the root cause of this problem. To address this issue, the Iris M™ Motion Amplification® technology was utilised. This case study outlines how Motion […]

Techniques for Effective Condition Monitoring of Low-Speed Machines

Condition monitoring of low-speed machines, operating at speeds typically below 600 RPM, demands a systematic approach due to the inherent challenges that slow speed operation carries. Here we review some of the techniques utilised for successful monitoring of slow-speed machinery. The unique characteristics of low-speed machines give rise to a series of challenges when establishing […]

Screen Monitoring with Waites Wireless – Iron Ore Mine WA

An iron ore mining client in Western Australia was experiencing repeated failures on their vibrating exciters. These failures had resulted in production losses and were a health and safety hazard. The site strategy for monitoring the screens was to use vibration analysis. To do so, the clients historically used hard-wired industrial piezoelectric accelerometers. A condition […]

Troubleshooting a 4-20mA Accelerometer System

Fig.1 The first thing to check is that the wiring is carried out and in accordance with the calibration sheet provided with the sensor. Check polarity of the voltage power supply. Fig.2 The next thing to check is that the accelerometer is being powered correctly. Check the cable datasheet to see which two pins to […]

How to select the right vibration sensor

With so many different types, shapes and sizes to choose from, selecting the right vibration sensors (otherwise known as accelerometers) for your operations can be a challenging task. It is, however, essential. To ensure you specify correctly, there is a number of important factors you need to consider. Vibration range and sensitivity – The range of […]

Ultrasound Inspection On Rotating Assets

GVS Reliability Products in conjunction with SDT Ultrasound Solutions is proud to present the below case study, Ultrasound Inspection On Rotating Assets, submitted by Mike Halls. Mike is Technical Officer of Condition Monitoring at Rio Tinto’s Yarwun alumina refinery where he has held this position for over seven years. Mike has over 20 years working in the condition monitoring field, utilising […]

Case History: Generator Stator Coolant Pump

RDI’s Motion Amplification® (TM) provides visualisation of a structural fault on a Generator Stator Coolant Pump that has gone unresolved for more than 10 years! RESULTS Captured Motion Amplification® (TM) (MA) videos and diagnosed the fault in the field within 1 hour Visualisation of the root cause (structural fault) of the high vibration that has been undiagnosed for more […]

Memorable Demo day for Motion Amplification®

GVS Reliability Products and Optical Motion Technology recently held a Demo day for Motion Amplification® at the Metro Hotel in South Perth. The purpose of the day was to help educate engineers and professionals on the ground breaking new technology called ‘Motion Amplification®’. For those that do not already know, Motion Amplification® is a process whereby using a video camera and […]

Vibration Monitoring with Video. GVS presents Revolutionary New Technology

It’s Time to Open Up the World of the Unseen – introducing Vibration Monitoring with Video. Imagine having a video camera where every pixel becomes a vibration sensor. This is now a reality with a brilliant new technology called Motion Amplification® developed by RDI Technologies. Research, Development, Innovation (RDI) Technologies is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. RDI […]

Level 1 Ultrasound Inspector at GVS

Do you have questions about using Ultrasound to improve the reliability of your plant? GVS has the expertise to meet your needs. Recently, Tim King of GVS Reliability Products completed the level 1 inspectors course with SDT. This course was designed in accordance with the guidelines of ASNT Recommended Practice Number SNT-TC-1A. SDT’s Level 1 […]

New HS-429 vibration switch protects critical assets

GVS Reliability Products is excited and proud to introduce into Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific region the new Hansford Sensors HS-429. The HS-429 is a new compact vibration switch, designed to protect machinery against unexpected shutdown and repair costs. The HS-429 automatically trips in the event of detected excessive vibration, allowing critical systems to be shut down before damage […]

GV-700 Vibe Port Wireless Vibration & Temperature Transmitter

GV-700 Vibe Port Wireless Vibration & Temperature Transmitter OVERVIEW: This paper is an application review of the GV-700 Vibe Port Wireless vibration & temperature transmitter (refer GV700 VIBE PORT FLYER for the unit’s technical specifications, available on request from GVS) APPLICATION:  Wireless GV-700 Vibe Port was fitted to a shuttle pulley in a screen house, […]

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