Techniques for Effective Condition Monitoring of Low-Speed Machines

Condition monitoring of low-speed machines, operating at speeds typically below 600 RPM, demands a systematic approach due to the inherent challenges that slow speed operation carries. Here we review some of the techniques utilised for successful monitoring of slow-speed machinery. The unique characteristics of low-speed machines give rise to a series of challenges when establishing […]

SDT Ultrasound saves production losses by inspecting vital steam delivery system

Since 1999, Adam De Gioia has been a fitter and turner working in a range of different industries from water/wastewater, pharmaceutical, hydraulics, food manufacturing, mining and oil & gas. Starting his own company; ‘Final Drive Engineering Services’ in 2014, Adam soon partnered with a respected OEM of hydraulic components. It was here that he developed […]

POOR LUBRICATION: What ‘data’ are Lubrication Technicians using to grease?

Stories are great. Humans thrive on stories. Being able to hear and then re-tell stories is what sets humanity apart from other living creatures. Weird side note: some humans can hear and re-tell the stories of non-living things like; machines! For example, the below data (sent to us by a customer) would look confusing to […]

Create a Compressed Air Leak Management Program with SDT. It’s EASY

Why We Ignore Leaks Compressed air is a misunderstood utility. As such, it tends to be misused and even abused. Leaks continue to be the biggest problem; often overlooked because they are difficult to detect, don’t smell bad, don’t make a mess on the floor, and rarely stop production. The Real Cost of Leaks One […]

Reliability Journey: From Mechanical Technician to Ultrasound Inspector

Ultrasound is considered to be the most diverse condition monitoring technology on the market covering both air-borne & structure-borne applications. AND The first signs of change in the operating condition of an asset are usually indicated in the ultrasound frequencies. SO Ultrasound should be your first line of defence for asset reliability. SDT’s NEW ‘Live […]

SonaVu Acoustic Imaging Camera identifies vacuum leak within minutes

What is an Acoustic Imaging Camera? SonaVu™ is an acoustic imaging camera. Using its 112 ultrasound sensors and optical camera, it can detect sources of airborne ultrasound and transmit them into a visual image on its touch screen. Defects such as compressed air system leaks, compressed gas system leaks, vacuum leaks, the presence of partial […]

LUBExpert Case Study: 70% of bearings are still OVER lubricated

Bearings need grease, however…  It’s a common misconception that if a little grease is good then a lot means better. WRONG! Too much grease will overheat a bearing causing separation of the oil from its thickener and will begin to run out of the bearing. This can set off a chain reaction resulting in lack of […]

Ultrasound Inspection On Rotating Assets

GVS Reliability Products in conjunction with SDT Ultrasound Solutions is proud to present the below case study, Ultrasound Inspection On Rotating Assets, submitted by Mike Halls. Mike is Technical Officer of Condition Monitoring at Rio Tinto’s Yarwun alumina refinery where he has held this position for over seven years. Mike has over 20 years working in the condition monitoring field, utilising […]

Take the ‘guess work’ out of Lubrication

Guess what? Lube programs are ‘guess work’ Lubrication is the life blood of a healthy operating rotating machine. This fact was discovered thousands of years agoand employed by the ancient Egyptians in pursuit of greater reliability for their own rotating machinery. E.g. Animal fats applied to wheels of a horse drawn chariot reduced heat and wear […]

GVS Reliability Products & IMVAC 2017

GVS Reliability Products was privileged and excited to exhibit and co-sponsor IMVAC, the all new conference for Vibration Analysts & Condition Monitoring Professionals. The event ran at the Gold Coast from September 5th through 7th. IMVAC (International Machine Vibration Analysis Conference) was designed specifically for vibration and condition monitoring professionals. This is a perfect fit for GVS as we […]

Learning 101 – Ultrasound

Using Ultrasound for ‘on-condition’ lubrication and bearing health. This GVS blog post contains a link to a highly informative presentation delivered by none other than SDT’s own, Tom Murphy. Premise: The measurement of ultrasound with portable devices to provide an objective assessment of the health of a bearing has been well-documented over the last decade. In more […]

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