A Case Study: Motion Amplification® Analysis of a Drum Drive Gearbox

A manufacturing plant located in WA recently encountered a significant issue related to a critical drum drive gearbox. The Asset Management and Reliability Team noticed excessive vibrations and sought to identify the root cause of this problem. To address this issue, the Iris M™ Motion Amplification® technology was utilised. This case study outlines how Motion […]

Iron ore mining and Motion Amplification®

Rio Tinto Yandicoogina (iron ore mine in West Australia’ Pilbara region) recently completed training for their latest acquisition; Motion Amplification®. Rio Tinto own an integrated portfolio of iron ore assets: a world-class, integrated network of 17 mines, four independent port terminals, a rail network spanning nearly 2,000 kilometres and related infrastructure – all designed to respond rapidly to changes in demand. Rio […]

FLSmidth joins the Motion Amplification® Revolution

FLSmidth has been providing market-leading engineering, equipment and service solutions to the global mining and cement industries for over 140 years. A key to their success has been a focus on improving asset performance and efficiency (from concept through the entire life cycle) so Motion Amplification® was the perfect technology to further enhance that success. […]

Complementary Technology – Misalignment

Visualise, Measure, Troubleshoot and Correct machinery misalignment with Motion Amplification® and Easy Laser® Reliability Products from GVS. Motion Amplification® and Easy-Laser® are fantastic complementary tools for visualising misalignment, measuring thermal growth, and correcting misalignment making Proactive (Precision) Reliability Maintenance even more achievable. https://gvsensors.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Misalignment-New-Collection_final.mp4

Why RDI’S IRIS M™ Motion Amplification®™ is Essential Technology

RDI’s IRIS M™ Motion Amplification®™ takes Asset Management and Reliability to another level Problem The industrial landscape in Australasia is ultra-competitive with companies always looking for technologies that will propel them to best in class for their industry. Solution RDI’s IRIS M™ Motion Amplification®™ is one of those ESSENTIAL technologies that will take your Asset […]

Find the root cause with IRIS M™

Excessive vibration is often at the root of premature machine, structure, foundation, vessel and piping failures frequently leading to serious safety incidents and costly repairs and downtime. One of the most effective, efficient and safest ways to characterize the root cause of excessive vibration is with RDI Technologies Inc.’s Motion Amplification® technology. The IRIS M™ platform enables […]

Breaking New Ground With New Software Release

RDI Technologies, Inc. (RDI) just released a new update to its groundbreaking software. Version 3.3, the latest release, enhances a user’s experience for both the Iris M™ and Iris CM™ systems and reaches new markets seeking a solution to preventable and ongoing vibration problems.  RDI ’s technology platform turns every pixel of a video camera […]

RDI’s anticipated version 3.0 Motion Amplification® Update

GVS Reliability Products and Optical Motion Technologies are pleased to announce the newest updateto the award-winning software for the Iris M™, Iris MX™ and Iris CM™ systems from RDI Technologies.v3.0 is the culmination of some of the most significant advances in Motion Amplification® productdevelopment during its meteoric rise in the world of Asset Management and Reliability Maintenance. The v3.0 […]

Software Version 3.2 is Officially Released!

We are excited to announce that the latest version of Motion Amplification® software is available for download now. With version 3.2, RDI combined customer feedback with cutting-edge technology to enhance your ability to utilize Motion Amplification® throughout your organization. Key Features: Best-In-Class Digital Image Stabilization: Cutting edge image stabilization techniques have been developed and implemented to […]

Motion Amplification® incorporated with the GVS family

GVS Reliability Products in association with Optical Motion Technologies incorporates Motion Amplification® with the growing GVS family. In April 2016, Managing Director of GVS Reliability Products Pty Ltd, Nathan Osborn met with RDI President, Bob Wilson After seeing the technology for the first time, Nathan went on to say, “It’s amazing! We looked at a few case studies and I […]

RDI’s Motion Amplification® has Breakthrough in Communication

The benefits of implementing Predictive Maintenance technologies for improved reliability and availability of industrial assets are substantial. These operational advantages as well as the significant financial benefits of lower maintenance cost and improved productivity are well documented. Predictive Maintenance often includes the collection of vast amounts of data, analysis and reporting but for some reason the […]

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