CBM+RELIABILITY CONNECT® Conference – Nov 8th – 10th

Join us in person for the CBM+RELIABILITY CONNECT® Live Training Conference in Melbourne, 8-10 November 2022. We are pleased to announce that Sven Fleischer & Roman Megela Gazdova from Easy-Laser, will be hosting a hands-on workshop entitled “LASER SHAFT ALIGNMENT BEST PRACTICES.” In this workshop you will learn what is required for optimal machine installation […]

9 Laser Transmitters for different measurement needs

Four parts are key to quick and easy measurement with laser: a laser transmitter to emit a laser beam, a detector to register it, suitable brackets, and measurement software to display the result. In this article we will guide you through our different laser transmitters and their main areas of use. Laser – a perfect […]

Complementary Technology – Misalignment

Visualise, Measure, Troubleshoot and Correct machinery misalignment with Motion Amplification® and Easy Laser® Reliability Products from GVS. Motion Amplification® and Easy-Laser® are fantastic complementary tools for visualising misalignment, measuring thermal growth, and correcting misalignment making Proactive (Precision) Reliability Maintenance even more achievable. https://gvsensors.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/Misalignment-New-Collection_final.mp4

Easier than ever to measure flatness and straightness

Now presenting Easy-Laser® XT20 and XT22, the most user-friendly precision laser transmitters ever designed!   One of the most important things during a machine installation is to ensure the flatness of the base. With the new XT20 and XT22 we have facilitated handling, which makes for faster measurements and fewer fault sources. More reliable machine installation, put […]

The way you install your rotating machinery is the way it will perform!

Because of my many years of experience in the field of installation and maintenance of rotating equipment I can say that installation is a fundamental thing. But why is this phase so important? Well, because the installation has direct impact on the machinery, and it will determine operating conditions, performance, and life cycle cost. Basically, […]

The 4 different types of soft foot

Soft foot is a term we often use when we talk about shaft alignment. In fact, you must always perform a soft foot check before the actual alignment work can start; it is an essential part of securing a reliable installation. Let’s go through the different types of soft foot and why they occur.  By […]

How to deal with Thermal Growth

All rotating machinery is subjected to thermal exposure. The machines will react differently depending on temperature and material, either by expanding or shrinking. And that is a fact. Thermal growth is a serious thing when you think about it. All rotating machinery is installed in trains. Trains mean there is a driver, the motor, and […]

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