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Date:July 11, 2018

Columnar Sight Glass

the column

The Column is a crystal-clear oil level sight glass that allows you to visually inspect the condition and level of oil in pumps, gearboxes, storage tanks and reservoirs. It features a one-piece design with 1-inch NPT threads at each end and includes a 3-micron breather. The Column can also be plumbed to vent back into the equipment’s head space. Two tamper-proof level rings mark the idle and running oil level. Each ring is made of durable polycarbonate and secured in place with a hex screw.

Download The Column Spec Sheet

Operating Conditions: 180° F at 265 PSI
203° F at 66 PSI
230° F at atmospheric pressure
-40° F minimum low temperature
Body Material: Impact resistant acrylic
Strong: Large diameter and thickness for added strength
Threads: 1” NPT males threads at each end
Breather: Stainless steel sintered metal 3-micron breather Included
Level Rings: Red and green level rings to mark running and idle oil levels included. Each level ring is tamper proof and comes with hex key for repositioning. Level rings are made of polycarbonate.
Outdoor Compatible: UV Stabilizer provide protection from long-term sun exposure
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