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Date:June 24, 2015

Multifunction Sensors

multi-funcMultifunction Sensors

The SDT270 is a Multi-Function unit. The Front Panel comes equipped with different sensors that can be activated whenever you want, with the purchase of an upgrade key.

Sensor options/availability:

Airborne Ultrasound Sensor
Black External Sensor Inputs
Red External Sensor Inputs
Laser Pointer
Internal Temperature Sensor
Internal Tachometer

Upgrade Required
Upgrade Required

Mass Flow Sensormass-flow-sensor

A thermal based Mass Flow Sensor for compressed air leak measurement applications with a common mode operating pressures of up to 1 Bar (approx. 15 psi). TThe sensor has incorporated conditioning and temperature compensation electronics.

The flow rate is displayed in either SCCM (Standard Cubic Centimeters per Minute) or in SCFM (Standard Cubic Foot per Minute).

The SDT Unit detects the presence of the sensor automatically and change its readout to the appropriate setting, scales and units.