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FLEX.US ultrasonic leak detector

FlexUsThe SDT FLEX.US is an extremely versatile tool for the detection of leaks in compressed air systems, pneumatic brake systems, vacuum systems, pressurized gas storage and closed volumes. It is a low cost solution but nevertheless a powerful and reliable tool.

Tightness integrity of any enclosed volumes (cockpits of cars, trucks, busses and aircrafts, for storage systems, building envelopes, containers, etc…) is performed by using the FLEX.US in conjunction with the SDT 200mW Bi-sonic transmitter (optional accessory).

The SDT FLEX.US leak detector works like a super microphone sensitive only to high frequency ultrasounds. The SDT FLEX.US indicates the presence of a leak by producing a quality audio signal that is truly representative of that leak.

The SDT FLEX.US is based upon the successful and popular design of SDT’s famous flexible sensor. It consists of an ultrasonic sensor mounted at the end of a flexible metal tube. This tube can be bent and shaped to fit your specific job. Its diameter is small enough to perform inspections through tight access holes and inside cabinets. A rubber precision cone can be fitted on the sensor to increase the accuracy of detection and eliminate competing parasite noise.

For listening and working comfort the SDT FLEX.US is provided with a double adjustment: operation (continuous or non-continuous) and volume.

The unit contains

  • Plastic storage case SDT FLEX.US with protection foam
  • SDT FLEX.US ultrasound detector
  • Noise isolating headphones
  • 2 alkaline batteries 1,5V AA
  • Precision cone (rubber tip for accurate leak detection)

Optional accessoires

  • SDT 200mW Bi-sonic transmitter
  • Battery loader for transmitter


Controls Continuous or non-continuous operation switch.
Amplification 7 levels: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 dB.
Ultrasound sensor Open sensor with a 16 mm (1/2ӯ) diameter (19 mm Р3/4ӯ Рexterior), central frequency of 40 kHz.
Detected frequencies 38.4 kHz, ± 2 kHz (- 3dB).
Audio output Stereo jack connector of 6.35 mm (1/4”) (use only the headset supplied with the unit).
Power Two alkaline AA batteries, 1.5 V. Rechargeable batteries can also be used.
Usage time ± 20 hours. This can vary based on several variables including the charge of the batteries, the level of amplification used and the quality of the batteries.
Body Made with machined and assembled sheets of high impact polystyrene, it is also shock resistant.
Dimensions Body: 170 x 42 x 31 mm (6.70 x 1.65 x 1.22 inches)
Flexible tube length 400 mm (15.75 inches).
Weight 412 grams with the batteries (14.53 ounces).
Operating temp. From -10°C to +50°C / 14°F to 122°F.