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Date:December 01, 2015

Airborne Ultrasound Sensors


Flexible Sensor

The Flexible Sensor keeps inspectors safe while performing inspections of compressed air lines, electrical panels, steam systems, and mechanical components. Its flexible design is bent and shaped to fit into any tight spot making it the ideal sensor for close range ultrasound detection. Its no-slip rubber grip adds comfort to day long surveys.

Use this sensor to find compressed air leaks, inspect electrical cabinets, test vehicles for wind noise and water leaks, hatch covers for weather tightness, and spot inspections of belts, couplings, and chain drives.

Available in two lengths and a replaceable sensor, this is our most successful and popular sensor.

Extended Distanceextended-distance-sensor-2015

The EDS combines design and function to overcome the problem of distance. The tapered cone shape captures ultrasound waves and focuses them directly to the built-in airborne ultrasound sensor of the 5DT270. Detection of air leaks, electrical faults, and other airborne phenomena can be detected from up to 10 times the distance. The EDS focuses both direct and reflected sound waves making it slightly less directional than the parabolic.


The Parabolic Sensor is designed to detect sources of ultrasound over great distances. The unique shape concentrates parallel waves only making this sensor extremely directions. Equipped with both a laser sight and visual sight the parabolic dish pinpoints leaks and electrical problems at distances over 100 feet (+30 metres)

This accessory was designed with electrical applications in mind. Inspect substations from a safe distance to detect arcing, tracking, and corona discharge. Scan overhead distribution lines to locate insulators, line bushings, and other vital components nearing the end of their life cycle.

Use the parabolic dish indoors to pinpoint compressed air leaks in overhead piping. Even if your plant is excessively noisy the parabolic dish will reveal long distance leaks from floor level saving you the trouble of climbing ladders or riding scissor lifts during surveys.