Detect, Trend, and Analyze Ultrasound and Vibration

SDT340 continues the SDT legacy of excellence providing data our customers can trust.

Detect, trend, and analyze asset health by viewing the ultrasound and vibration time signal and spectrum directly on the SDT340’s color display.

Manage the results and organize your condition monitoring strategy with Ultranalysis® Suite 3. Control any combination of assets and tasks thanks to its flexibility.


A reliable asset delivers its engineered value when it’s needed most. And while the responsibility for reliability belongs to everyone, its maintenance whom is called upon first, when things go wrong. The SDT340 connects maintenance to reliability in ways we never imagined possible.

SDT340 keeps inspectors connected to their assets. Live timewave and spectral views on its high-resolution colour screen allow inspectors to perform in-the-field diagnosis and analysis; a job previously performed in the office.

High Signal Resolution (HSR) is a game changing feature. Increased sampling rate and better sensitivity lend confidence and accuracy to diagnosis. Mechanical anomalies are really good at hiding. HSR connects inspectors with the tools to reveal those hard to decipher defects.

An international standardized unit of measurement for ultrasound has the potential to connect every ultrasound inspector in the world, regardless of the equipment they use. SDT340 can lead this revolution.

The 3.5’’ color display gives you a crystal clear view in the darkest conditions.

Enhance productivity in the field with on-screen time signal, spectrum, split screen view, and icon navigation.

Recall historical data for trending and alarming in-the-field acquisition.

The intuitive interface to UAS3 allows for data collection in “off-route” mode.

Record time waveform data up to 10 minutes in duration with enhanced signal data.

Experience enhanced impact detection with focUS Mode. See defects others simply cannot.

Pan and expand your time signal or spectrum and list the highest values to improve in-field diagnosis.

Cut the cord with SDT340’s high definition Bluetooth headphones.


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