The Iris MX from RDI Technologies expands upon its revolutionary Iris M™ product to open up the world of Motion Amplification® to high-speed applications. With up to 1400 FPS in HD resolution, you can now apply Motion Amplification® and communicate virtually every displacement in the scene.

Leveraging a high-speed camera for frame rates over 10,000 fps, the Iris MX’s most unique capability is the ability to apply Motion Amplification® and show motions well over 5,000 Hz and produce an infinite amount of absolute measurements within the scene. The Iris MX enables the user to see the fault by visualizing the motion of the entire machine, its structure and base, and the surrounding environment to determine the root cause. This enables the users to quickly and comprehensively diagnose machinery in a simple and easy-to-understand video. This video can be used to close the communication gap between technical and non-technical resources and empowers them to fix problems. The Iris MX is high-level analysis in its’ simplest form.

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