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bisonic-transmitter-SDRBi-Sonic 200mW Transmitter

The 200mW Bi-sonic Transmitter is useful for checking tightness of smaller volumes or for spot checks after primary inspections of larger volumes. Its dual frequency transmission guarantees 100% fill and zero standing waves.

Useful for checking diesel engine air intake systems, tube and shell leaks on boilers and heat exchangers, and more.

Multi Transmitter 8-Zone

The SDT 8 Multi-setting is an adjustable (six positions) Ultrasonic Transmitter that is used in combination with an multi-transmitterSDT Ultrasonic Detector.

This combination is an accurate and reliable tool for testing the tightness of every kind of object or volume. (Refer to the application notes on tightness testing for further information.

Eight sensors are laid out in the equipment in such a way that they transmit in the volume of a hemisphere. Each ultrasonic sensor is frequency and power stabilised. The transmission frequency is 39.2 and 39.6 kHz (bi-sonic mode) for a power of 125 mW.

The potentiometer defines the power of the ultrasonic signal; level 6 being the maximum level.